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About David Feagin & DF Appaloosas

I started raising Appaloosas in 1957 and was fortunate to win the 1960 election to be Director of the 32-counties of East Texas on the Texas Appaloosa Horse Club Board of Directors. It was a shock to see this nineteen year old kid show up to be on the board with the highly successful Appaloosa breeders Carl Miles, Jim Wales, and Jack Johnson, to name a few, and, I found them to be generous enough to offer their advice [*] to me to become a successful breeder:

* One told me: "David, when you take your mares to outside stallions that have just won GCS, you are always going to be behind. The horse market changes constantly, like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Decide what kind of horse you want to raise, then stick to that goal and when the pendulum swings your way, you'll have the kind of horse the buyers want."

*Another one said: "A mare is 70% of the foal so get some good mares to use as broodmares..." I interpreted his reasoning as 50% of the genes, 10% for disposition in the "pecking order" of the herd, and 10% for being a good milker to grow the foal.

*And another offered: "Sell all the mares that won't produce a champion. A really good mare eats no more than one who is average."

Then, I found that the greatest benefit to me as a Director was to go and visit some of the members in my East Texas and see what kind of horses they had. One of these visits blossomed into a courtship that finalized in 1963 with the marriage to my wife, Chyleen. We did a bit of traveling and visiting horse breeders in TX, NM, and CO, and bought Shirley Skip AQHA by Skipper W. She was a full sister of Skip Ahead, AQHA Champion, and had a red leopard son [Prince W] at her side by Prince Plaudit [and was bred back] from Carl Miles, Abilene, TX. We bought Silver Bright AQHA by Silver Candy and out of a AAA, Grand Champion Mare from Hugh Bennett, Peyton, CO. We bought Lady Bright Bar AQHA, full sister of Sherri Eyes AAA, AQHA Champion from Dan Beal, Ruidoso, NM. And we bought Bright Image AQHA, Grand Champion Mare, from Paul Farone, Socorro, NM, who produced DF Bright Farone, GCG, ridden by the Miss Appaloosa America from Pennsylvania. And there were others: Joker's Queen Ann, GCM; 5 daughters of Prince Plaudit; Secret Dancer, a bay leopard by Special Secret TB by Raise A Native; and 3 mares from Lane Hudson including Prissy Lark [SW:12:3-4-1, 2nd in $ earned for 2 yr old running mares, by Lanolark TB and out of Bright Delight, GCM at National, a leading dam, and a full sister to Mighty Bright; and 4 mares from Dean Alexander, ApHC Hall of Fame.

In our 50 years of marriage, Chyleen can tell you some tales where we have been in this quest to have some of the best broodmares for our breeding program and it involves meeting some very nice people and a few that weren't so nice. But the lesson we want to pass on to you is that you have to have really good mares to consistantly breed quality foals. Lane Hudson told us that "You have to really study the bloodlines to make sure they will "nick", because you can breed the Quality out as well as in."

Dean Alexander's mares really cross well on both of our stallions. Cherry's Poco Hart, the bay/white spots mare in the middle photo, has produced one bay/roan, one chestnut, and three black [one black/white] foals by Olympic Red Dream; a red leopard by DF Pappadeaux; and a bay leopard colt [DF Perfect Power, RCS] by Speed And Power. Ima Cherry Doll has produced either bay or chestnut/white spots foals by Olympic Red Dream and a bay/white/spots foal by Speed And Power. Crossing the daughters of Olympic Red Dream on Speed And Power continues to produce a higher percentage of color with still the quality [DF Power Kat, RCS, bay leopard].

We know our breeding program works to produce quality foals and if you want to start your own breeding herd, then why not buy one of our stallions and a select number of mares that cross so well to produce quality foals? Let us know if you want to come and look. We can offer our advice, but the decision is yours.

David & Chyleen

David & Chyleen Feagin
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